Candy Corn Popcorn Balls

Candy Corn Popcorn Balls |

Time for a little flash from the past today, guys!  Popcorn balls are one of those treats that immediately take you back to childhood.  Mixing buttery popcorn with sweet and sticky marshmallows all while giggling away in the kitchen was a Halloween tradition in my house and I don’t see that changing anytime soon!  Today these nostalgic treats are getting a fun upgrade.  Filled with candy corn and roasted peanuts, the sweet and salty combo is one not to be missed this Halloween!

So I totally went the classic route with these popcorn balls.  Melting butter and marshmallows together with a bit of vanilla extract to give the finished product even more flavor.  I knew I wanted to add candy corn for Halloween because whether you’re a fan or not, they sure look festive!  Once I added them I had to add a crunch factor and one that would cut the sweetness.

Roasted peanuts with sea salt were exactly what they needed.  And when I say exactly what they needed, I mean cannot stop eating right from the bowl…

Candy Corn Popcorn Balls |

Right before I started shaping them, I realized I almost lost my head because I almost forgot to toss in some sprinkles!  It worked out perfectly adding the sprinkles at the end because you don’t want to smoosh them too much.  You know what I mean?

That’s it!  They’re super easy to make, festive and kids love them!  Let’s be honest, big kids love them too :)  Head over to Farberware for the festive popcorn ball recipe!

I hope you all have a happy Halloween filled with more treats than tricks!  Don’t forget about the fabulous giveaway going on along with those irresistible caramel apples!

Candy Corn Popcorn Balls |

Disclosure: I am in a working relationship with Farberware and this recipe was developed for Farberware Cookware.

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7 Responses to “Candy Corn Popcorn Balls”

  1. 1
    Liz says:

    Oh, wow, I love the idea of adding in festive candies! SO cute!

  2. 2
    Theresa says:

    I love these! We used to make them growing up too and I’ll be trying your recipe this weekend! Cant wait!

  3. 3

    I adore this popcorn! So fun!

  4. 4
    Beverley says:

    Happy Halloween Meghan I love these little treats and one I’m sure will be a hit with my family xoxo

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